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Honey is a natural product of plant origin: it is the food that bees produce from flower nectar and for thousands of years it was the only available source of concentrated sugar. Honey is composed of approximately 18% water and, in addition to mineral salts, vitamins and enzymes, it contains over 80% sugars, predominantly fructose and glucose. All fresh honeys are liquid originally but only three varieties remain so for a prolonged period: acacia, chestnut and honeydew, thanks to their especially high fructose content. With a higher glucose content, all other varieties soon crystallise, taking on a creamy, more set consistency. Honey has a high sweetening power with fewer calories than sugar, meaning it can “sweeten” food with fewer calories. Honey is a natural product that need undergo no chemical processes nor the addition of any other substances for consumption and, unlike other sugars, its simple structure makes it a highly digestible foodstuff that provides the human body with readily available energy. It is therefore important not to alter its organoleptic properties so as to maintain the richness of the aromas, which are as numerous as the flowers from which it derives: that is why it honey should never be pasteurised. It is thanks to this variety of flavours and fragrances that different honeys can be used in the kitchen in countless wonderful culinary combinations, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts, pairing equally well with meat and fish. Mielizia offers a wide range of honeys, none treated at high temperature, which therefore retain all their original characteristics: from wildflower to monoflorals, namely honeys derived from a single flower variety, thanks to the highly advanced harvesting techniques adopted by our beekeepers and passed down from one generation to another.