Quality Certifications

EMAS registration

(Regulation EC 1221/2009) which monitors the company’s environmental impact. Environmental statement available (info@conapi.it)

Check Fruit

Certification of integrated quality EN ISO 9001 systems.


Certification of integrated environmental EN ISO 14001 systems.


EN ISO 22005 certification of traceability in the food chain.


Monitoring and certification relating to organic production according to the EU regulation 834/07

BioSuisse Organic

BioSuisse certification, organic products approved in Switzerland.


Passed the audit for product compliance with quality standards established by Halal Italy, covering the various production stages.

Kasher – Parve

Certificazione prodotti KASHER – PARVE ( all’infuori della festa Pesach)


Highest level of business reliability certified by Cribis D&B.

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