Combining the Italian words for honey (miele) and delight (delizia), Mielizia is CONAPI reference brand. CONAPI is a national cooperative of beekepers.

As a major producers’ cooperative, we take great pride in our work safeguarding the wellbeing of bees and promoting our beekeepers’ products. We represent the only complete honey supply chain in Italy, and with more than 100,000 hives we are also the largest producer of organic honey in Europe. Our business operations and approach to the national and international markets are based on direct relationships, bonds between people, enthusiasm and shared choices. At Conapi we are committed to cultivating and multiplying biodiversity.

We are an Italian food business that strives to promote the quality, identity and typical characteristics of our products in an innovative, dynamic and efficient way
We are a cooperative of farmers and beekeepers committed to developing a sustainable and supportive economy that proposes a new form of nourishment and living
Our direct relationship with producers and consumers, as well as our strong bond with the local area, are distinctive features of our business
Our products’ raw materials are obtained with respect for the environment and biodiversity, conscious of the key role played by beekeepers in the ecosystem
Our raw materials are transformed using technologies that safeguard the sensory and nutritional qualities of the products; we carry out ongoing research into innovative methods of promoting and enhancing honey and other hive products
Our business is open to those that produce, those that distribute and those that use our products and share in our project of pursuing together what is good, clean and right.
The certification system is one of the tools that our company makes continuous use of in order to provide products that meet Quality and Safety expectations.
CONAPI, the Italian National Consortium of Beekeepers, therefore intends to maintain and develop its current integrated Quality and Environmental Management System to strengthen its production philosophy, traditionally based on:
– respect for biodiversity: promotion of organic farming, of regional, typical and fair trade products;
– use of processing techniques that respect the environment, through the choice of materials, supplies, innovative and biodegradable packaging. The reduction of packaging and its biodegradability is a priority policy;
– promoting the origins and quality of products and the identity of producers.
All of our products speak about us, about the land, about the techniques used and the men and women behind them: there are names and photos on our products, the lands that bore them, our words which describe the work and commitment involved but also their qualities.
Our company is committed to constructing a system of relations that promotes, disseminates and communicates all of this in the belief that there is a strong connection between health and nutrition which begins with the efforts of single producers and is maintained by CONAPI’s activities to develop a product culture.
The guided tours of the company, the opening of a network of direct sales outlets at partner beekeeping companies and the creation of “Il Parco delle Api e del Miele” (Bee and Honey Park) at the company’s head office can be seen in this light.
The cooperative is firmly committed to spreading a culture of consideration and respect for the environment and its natural cycles, and this recently took tangible form with the creation of the “Beeactive” project and the campaign against the widespread use of pesticides in farming.
The main goals established by the company Management with the adoption of the Quality Management System are:
– constantly guaranteeing the best possible level of quality, in response to new binding and voluntary standards and with the aim of focusing increasing attention on the environment;
– improving the coordination between the various company functions and improving their efficiency through the review of current processes and the adoption of standard and shared working methods;
– involving internal resources by creating career development and training plans aimed at improving the specific technical skills required for the innovative processes implemented but also their culture and general knowledge, multi-disciplinary skills and ability to share the CONAPI value system, particularly for the company’s many young employees. Major importance will be given to developing teamwork skills and the ability to meet goals together;
Today, thanks to traceability, we want to give consumers the chance to get information on the product and immediately reconstruct its history. Traceability is also an essential tool for bridging the gap between the producers and the consumers of our products, enabling the former to publicly communicate the qualities of their products and the latter to learn about these qualities.

The company is committed to staying up to date and compliant with environmental regulations and laws and the main goals established by the Management with the adoption of the Environmental Management System are:
– continuing to promote the environmental awareness of all personnel, ensuring their understanding of their specific professional role, for both their own personal protection and the protection of the environment in general, maintaining a high level of professional knowledge among workers;
– updating the environmental assessment to pinpoint possible actions aimed at improving the environmental performances of the production site, identifiable through the definition of precise goals to meet through specific programmes;
– externally communicating the current environmental state, improvement programmes and the results achieved;
– preventing pollution and developing an energy and water saving policy that involves both the use of alternative sources and the application of techniques that lead to reductions in energy and water consumption;
The Management therefore intends to continue pursuing the ongoing improvement of its Environmental Management and Monitoring System in order to further develop increasingly efficient and effective tools for preventing and managing risk and for safeguarding the environment, with an eye on sustainable development and with the aim of improving its environmental performances and preventing sources of pollution where possible.
In general, the common goals established by the company Management with regard to the Quality and Environmental Management Systems are:
– guaranteeing end consumers, distribution and trade the established quality standards at all times both as regards the products, in terms of their chemical/physical/sensory profiles and healthiness, and connected services;
– obtaining all necessary resources to achieve the established goals and landmarks in a general context aimed at improving management and environmental efficiency, as well as the reduction of non-quality costs;
verifying, through periodical cycles of audits, the achievement of the goals and identifying possible new areas to improve;
– periodically reviewing the level of implementation and achievement of goals, re-examining and modifying them on the basis of new and specific requirements;
– involving all personnel in the Quality-Environmental System to keep training and communication levels as high as possible;
The Management is committed to making the above goals achievable, permitting the adoption of all necessary measures to bring the organisation into line with the identified regulations and to change consolidated behaviour, and demanding high levels of attention and concentration from everyone during all phases, as well as high levels of personal responsibility.
Aware that such important programmes can only be successful if everyone involved shares the same goals, CONAPI thanks all those that have contributed to this objective and looks forward to an ongoing and fruitful collaboration.
The Management is therefore committed to applying this Quality Policy and Environmental Policy and implementing it at all levels of the company.

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