Mielizia is the brand representing over 600 beekeepers in Italy, most of whom are professionals. The Board of Directors is comprised of beekeeper members who are elected by the annual general meeting. The close link between producers and governance has preserved the vital connection between the world of production and that of marketing and retail, making Mielizia a truly unique brand. The Chairman of the Cooperative is Diego Pagani, a professional beekeeper from Piedmont.

Headquarters of CONAPI

The headquarters of CONAPI, in Monterenzio in the province of Bologna, is where members deliver all the hive products collected from April to October. Here, the MEMBERS’ DEPARTMENT coordinates deliveries and sends products to the WAREHOUSES, where product cataloguing takes place.

Quality department

THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT carries out sampling and begins laboratory analyses to classify honeys and evaluate their quality.

Production and mixing department

Every day, the PRODUCTION TEAM, split into three areas of expertise, coordinates the various operations involved in packing thousands of jars of honey: this process begins with the MIXING OPERATORS who pour the drums of honey into a large hopper. From here, it flows through stainless steel pipes into maturing tanks, where it is stored until packing.


PACKING OPERATORS carefully supervise the entire process to ensure that the journey of jars through the plant, from filling to labelling, follows a precise order, through to preparation of the shrink-wrapped packs placed on pallets and in warehouses.

Administration departments

The ADMINISTRATION, SALES, MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS departments work closely and liaise constantly with production departments to ensure smooth sales and communications operations.

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