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The world of Milli is an educational project, launched in 2009 to promote a sense of responsibility in younger generations regarding the environment, using parallels with the world of bees. Milli’s exercise book and the website dedicated to her offer families, children and teachers ideas and inspiration for exploring many themes related to the environment.

Discover Bee Active

The intensive use of pesticides in agriculture is the leading cause of the progressive and worrying disappearance of bees; precious insects which, by pollinating plants, ensure the success of crops that are essential for food and other vital everyday products. 2014 saw the launch of “BEE ACTIVE! Attivi per le api” (BEE ACTIVE! Active for bees), a campaign against the use of pesticides, aimed at protecting the environment, health and the economy.

Visit the Bee and Honey Park

Created by Conapi in response to ever-growing interest in the world of bees, “Il Parco delle Api e del Miele” (the Bee and Honey Park) is an ideal learning environment where visitors can discover some of nature’s most fascinating secrets. Find out about the activities and book a trip for your class or sign up for one of our open days.